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Rick Compton

I’m a creative guy. I make things up. Creating something where there was nothing is my joy. It is both a blessing and a curse and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


I enjoy an overwhelming number of ideas. Hundreds, often all at the same time.  Most are crap. Some get consideration. A few get executed. Blessedly, a couple or so have grown to have lives of their far anyway.

My creative life is founded on the love and support of Cher, my wife for more than 40 years. Thanks to her, I’ve pursued whatever fun and fruitful endeavor my head and heart has desired.

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Now, working mostly in theatre, my creativity enjoys the additional support of my dear friend and partner, Betsy Bennett. 

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For more than 25 years, through a dozen produced original musical comedies,

two published musicals,

which have been produced by dozens of theatrical troupes in hundreds of performances throughout the country. 

a Florida-centric social satire,

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a two-hour daily call-in radio talk show,

more than a thousand national tour performances of our own works, 

the creation of the book, lyrics and music, and through the production and performance of 10+ full-scale musical comedies with casts as big as 40, as many as ten musicians in the bands,

and with new work always in development

our partnership makes it possible for me to be all of me. I hope it does the same for Betsy.

I've been fortunate to express my creativity in a variety of situations. 

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I ran an 850-seat music club in Columbus, Ohio and promoted concerts throughout central Ohio.

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I spent a several years in the corporate world near Pittsburgh.

I escaped to Naples, Florida and into freelance feature writing for lifestyle mags, humor columns, editorial cartoons, and real estate videos.

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I developed a business plan and produced a street painting art festival that was franchised to 17 cities and has raised more than $5 million dollars for a variety of social causes.

I’ve played piano and synthesizer the orchestra pits for dozens of classic live musicals, and served as musical director for a few more. 

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I wrote a children's activity book which was published by an imprint of Simon and Shuster. I appeared on the national broadcast of The Morning Show to promote it.

I’ve been interviewed by BBC World News, ABC World News, BBC Scotland and the Associated Press as well as dozens of local and regional media outlets nationally.

More simply put, I am very, very fortunate. I am grateful every day.  

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